We are an award winning and internationally published photography studio in Central Florida. Enchant Glamour was created by
Curtiss Bryant (www.curtissbryantphotography.com) to provide women in the Citrus County, Ocala and Brooksville areas with
the unique opportunity to create amazing images for themselves or for someone special. Simply put this is Artistic Portraiture for Women.

As a male photographer, it is important that I approach boudoir and glamour photography a bit differently than a female photographer would. There will ALWAYS be a female assistant on site for the duration of the shoot. This is usually my wife, but if she is unavailable, it will be one of our assistants. This not only helps our clients feel more comfortable, but the assistant can also help adjust outfits, fix bedding/sheets and other things that can be a bit difficult to do as a guy. Of course, we encourage our clients to bring a friend /sister/mom with them to the shoot if they would like, but we will have someone there to help you if needed. We want you to feel comfortable and most importantly, have an amazing experience. This is something that should be fun, no need to feel nervous.
So come and have a BLAST!!

However, there are also advantages to being a male photographer doing this type of work. I see things from the male perspective (surprise!!). So if you are doing a session for your husband, boyfriend, significant other, I am able to capture you from that perspective and provide images they will LOVE. Even if you are doing the session for yourself, the images that I provide will be quite different than the images that a female photographer will provide. More on that under "style" below.

Boudoir vs Glamour

One of the biggest questions we get is what is the difference between boudoir and glamour? Simply put, boudoir images are more intimate than glamour images. Boudoir is typically more lingerie and things like that. Glamour is more dresses and fashion type images. Sure, there is some cross over. Boudoir and be glamour and glamour can be boudoir, but for the most part, the main difference between the two is the types of outfits that are photographed. Think of Glamour like Vogue magazine and boudoir like Victoria's Secret.


As mentioned above, I tend to photograph from the male perspective. That doesnt mean "raunchy" or anything like that. That just means that my images are more bold/vibrant than those produced by female photographers (soft, airy). That  doesnt mean that I cannot do that style (I can), its just not the style that comes natural. Think along the lines of Calvin Klein ads, Maxim magazine, etc. Most of their images are photographed by males, so that will give you an idea of the look that I produce.

The overall look, will vary from client to client. I work with you closely to help you with the wardrobe selection, location, style and theme of the shoot. Each client has different goals and different comfort levels. All aspects of the shoot will be discussed prior to the session, so nothing will take place that wasnt previously discussed. We will discuss your goals for the session (are the images for you or someone else), your outfit ideas, your likes/dislikes, etc. This will help us create a session tailored to you.


We have a 2600sqft studio in downtown Inverness available for your shoot. We also have a few outdoor locations available if you wish to do something a bit different and venture outside. Hair and makeup is provided for all of our sessions.