Sessions - Starting at $125

Sessions begin at $125 and all sessions include hair and makeup. Prints, books and other items are available at your ordering appointment about a week after your session. Unlike most other studios, we do not have set package pricing. We have a build your own philosophy where you pick and choose only the items you would like. You are not "stuck" with a package that includes things that you do not need. We provide discounts and rewards for combinations of items and for reaching certain spending points. During your consultation, you will be shown the different products we offer and will be provided with the complete pricing.

How long are the sessions?
The average sessions lasts about an hour, with the hair and makeup taking an additional hour. Just to be safe, we suggest you allow about 3 hours for your session

Do I need to bring outfits?

Yes, you will need to bring the outfits you would like to be photographed in. Not only for sanitary reasons, but because we want to photograph you in YOUR clothing rather than having the same clothing for every single client to use. Each person is different, so the outfits photographed should represent who they are.

Can I bring a friend/sister/mom with me to my session?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, its encouraged. We have found that having someone you know at your session helps you relax a bit and enjoy the session a bit more.

Is anything included with the session fee or do I need to buy print separately?

The session fee includes our time and talent as well as the hair/makeup artist. No prints or digital products are included with the session fees. We have an ordering appointment a week or so after your session where you are able to view your images and choose all your favorites for prints, albums and other products we offer.

I am really shy and self conscious. Is this an option for me?

ABSOLUTELY. We have not found a woman that isnt self conscious about something. It is our job to make you look and feel good. We also are very good at getting people to relax and feel confident going into their sessions, so you will not have a problem at all. Come and have a blast!